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Color Therapy & Chakra Balancing

Posted by Pamela Hackeman on January 30, 2011 at 11:27 AM

Many people wonder what color therapy is and how is it useful to them in their daily life. There are many books on the subject and many ways to use color to enhance your life. There are obvious choices when it comes to wardrobe and fashion.  You may have discovered a color that seems to bring out the best in you, make you feel more attractive, for instance.  Bottom line, color is a form of communication, and a form of light, consisting of light rays and wavelengths.  As an artist, I have been fascinated with color for many years and the effects it has on humans, and animals for that matter.

It is the sensation of light transmitted to the brain through the eye that

enables us to see light as color, and light is energy, the purest healing force.   If you consider the progress man has made with light over the years, up to the present lasers and their uses, you must admit there is a substantial amount of proof that it can affect us physically, as well as mentally and emotionally.  Many dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons use lasers in their offices, which come in many forms and wavelenghts.  

Color therapy is much more subtle than that, of course, and can be used in many ways.  In my establishment, I use LED photon light for encouraging collagen synthesis and growth, with a specific shade of red light, and blue for helping clear up p.acne, and acts as an antiseptic. A mixture of the two is useful for those who need to address both wrinkles and acne.

I also use a tool called a "Crystal Light Chromotherapy torch", utilizing a natural quartz crystal tip, which applies very specific colors to the various chakras, or wheels of energy in the body, according to ancient traditions. I first test the various chakras to see if there is any blockages, then use the appropriate color to activate the individual chakra, and then retest to make sure the energy is flowing once again.

It only takes about 15 minutes in total, and people feel different things while I'm applying the color. Some feel a warmth, or a tingling in the area, some describe it as electricity, some say it's a pleasant feeling of opening (especially the heart chakra). Some people don't feel anything at all. It doesn't ultimately matter if you feel anything, or not, it still has a positive, balancing effect overall.

I especially like to do this before I start the facial, so you are relaxed and can receive full benefit of the nurturing rejuvenation that is part of the overall

experience, a well as the skin's response to the treatment.  

My goal is to approach the body as a whole, emotionally, mentally, and physically, not just the skin, when I do my treatments.  I want you to leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated, with a smile on your face, and a lightness in your step.

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