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Pamela has had a passion for health and beauty most of her life. She has been teaching Beauty Make Up for Make Up Designory aka MUD for over 13 years, and has taught make up and skin care seminars, internationally, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, MIami, Japan, Thailand and South Africa.  Her background includes: education in Art and Psychology, Nutrition, Shiatsu, Hatha Yoga, Chi kung, Tai Chi, and Meditation. She believes that balance of body, mind and spirit, are key to beauty, along with topical skin care treatments and make up. Her approach embraces the natural, using shiatsu and organic products, and the new, using advanced technology such as stem cell products, microdermabrasion, light and color therapy, and oxygen infusion to give you the best care available. She has worked with MAC, Chanel, LaPraire,  Beau Bridges, Eric Roberts, Stacey Keach, (LT) Lawrence Taylor, Christopher Titus, Shane Black, Sally Kirkland, Amanda Lucas, Cynthia Watros, among many others. She has also mentored many successful make up artists, including Tara Savelo, Patrice Graham, Amy Chance, Kimberly Petz, Jackie Mgido, and many others. With a blend of art and science, and a dose of sensitivity, Pamela ensures that her integrity will delight you, your skin will thank you, and your mirror won't scare you.

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"Bay area native Teal Druda's make up roots run deep: Her mother and uncle both have a passion for it, as well, her mother taught and studied the craft and her uncle was key on several films and tv shows.  What started as a high school gig and Nordstrom evolved into a globe trotting career over ten years, that encompasses film, music videos, commercials, fashion shows and print work. She is also a contributing beauty writer for several magazines, such as Les Nouvelle Esthetiques, On Make UP, and others. Her clients include:Moby, Salma Hayek, Calista Flockhart, Shannon Elizabeth, Taylor Dane, Christina Ricci, Alexandra Paul,Master P, Willow Smith, Alexis Bledell, Angie Everhart, Danielle Evangelista among others.  She has worked with photographers David LaChapelle, Michel Comte, Elizabeth Schneider, Jamais Vu and others.If there's one thing that ties her work together, it's an embrace of the unpredictable.  "I love what I do, and I enjoy breaking the "rules" of make up, she explains. "There are no rules in my book" - Fashion LA magazine fall/winter 2007-08 … 8051815a8e  Updated more frequently then MM  

Meet Our Service Providers


Pamela - Licensed and Medical Esthetician, Her specialties include: Anti-aging therapies, Anti-acne care, Microdermabrasion, LED therapy, Certified Intraceuticals Oxygen Therapist, Make up artist & Instructor for over 19 years, International Public Speaker on skincare and make up, Contributing writer for Les Nouvelle Esthetique, Certified Shiatsu therapist, Natural and Organic therapies including diet and herbal therapy, chakra balance, etc. Known especially for her gentle, yet effective extractions.

Pamela is available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, when not travelling.

Teal - Master Make Up Artist for Print, Film and Television, Teal has worked with many celebrities and photographers, and is known for her creative, yet clean, make up abilities, she is requested over and over for her talent and dedication to her craft.. She is a contributing writer for Les Nouvelle Esthetique, among other publications, and collaborator for many different types of projects. She is a creative thinker who has worked in many fields, besides make up, and is an asset to production of all kinds for her ideas, speed and originality, thus has become a creative consultant for wardrobe, hair, set design, locations, interior design, office systems, writing, event planning, etc.

Teal is available by appointment only, for on-location.  Her rates vary according to assignment.