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High Frequency for acne and acne scars

Posted by Pamela Hackeman on January 5, 2013 at 5:10 PM


How High Frequency Can Treat Acne



The esthetician will place an electrode which is attached to a wand over the blemishes. The control dial adjusts the intensity of the infrared light. The light will pass through the glass electrode which is filled with argon or neon gas.

There are two ways to treat acne. The first one is known as sparking. The electrodes will pass through the skin without touching it. This causes sparking between the electrode and the skin. The sparks will combine with oxygen to form ozone. This will introduce oxygen to the bacteria colony on the skin. P. acnes bacteria will die if they don't have enough carbon dioxide.


The second method is a direct contact. The rapid oscillation in the electrodes create a thermal effect. This improves blood circulation and dilates the blood vessels. Thus, toxins can be eliminated faster.


High frequency acne treatment can also control the production of sebum and reduce the size of the pores.


Usually after the session, you can apply other acne treatment products. If you have an oily skin, apply low concentration AHA or glycolic product sparingly together with a moisturizer.


How High Frequency Can Treat Acne Scars


High frequency treatment is ideal for mild acne scars. It is not invasive when compared to laser resurfacing and chemical peels.


It improves blood circulation, encourages cell renewal and increases the production of collagen and elastin. These are essential for healing the scars.


How High Frequency Can Treat Cystic Acne


Cystic acne can be painful. High frequency therapy delivers more oxygen to the skin. This will heal the cysts faster, relieving inflammatory pain.


By reducing the population of P. acnes bacteria, it also ensures that the cystic acne doesn't get worse.



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