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Your skin is a reflection of everything you are, in the moment, 
including the everyday stress of life.  
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" I treat my customers in ways that reflect the Universal Values of Trust, Integrity, and Goodwill. "                                    

                    BTS ORGANICS

Behind The Seen BTS organics was founded by a mother-daughter makeup artist/skincare professional duo, with a passion for natural remedies. 

Pamela is a licensed esthetician and make up artist/educator, who has travelled and spoken on skin care & makeup in many countries, and is also a medical esthetician and cosmetic procedure consultant (botox, fillers, lasers, peels) for a prominent dermatology office in Los Angeles. 

Teal is a celebrity makeup artist who writes for several magazines on makeup tutorials and trends. Together they create the organic skincare and makeup, based on their own sensitive skin, and knowledge of the benefits of using natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals on skin.


 My facials are unique and thorough, not the "run of the mill" discount facial, because I usually spend 60-90 minutes with each client, paying close attention to detail, including extractions. I don't rush because it should be a relaxing experience. 

 I am also a medical esthetician, and cosmetic procedure consultant in a prominent dermatology office.

 I use organic ingredients and a gentle touch, so that your skin is glowing when you leave.

 My basic facial is the Organic Deep Cleansing Facial for $95

 Oxygen Infusion Facial ($195)

24 K Gold Facials($200) 

 Collagen Facials($175), for men and women.

Add-ons of Microdermabrasion and LED, are at a low cost of $25, so if one of those treatments will be beneficial to your skin, you can add it without breaking the bank.

 I also offer Chakra balance as an add-on, or in lieu of the neck, shoulder, arm massage while your mask is working.

Loyalty Members enjoy discounts of 25%, 35% or 45%, depending on level of membership. 



 What is seen by others should be your best possible image... we are dedicated to supporting that possibility through organic skin care products, gentle, yet thorough facial techniques, excellent corrective make up application, and a holistic approach to to your beauty and skin. 

 Behind that pretty label may be toxic ingredients that do more harm than good, that inflame rather than heal, not only to the skin but the entire body. This is why we offer an organic alternative, for those who care what they put on their skin.

We are here to support and transform what is behind the seen...         

Introducing BTS botanicals


A collection of Natural Eye Shadows and Lip Polish made with natural, botanical ingredients, which are gentle and non-toxic to the eyes and lips.

Brown Trio – Honeymoon, Java, Harvest Moon 

Plum Trio – Pink Chiffon, Grape Crush, Current

Blue Trio – Silver Lining, Denim Blue, Ocean Blue Green Trio – Mint Julep, Icy Aqua, Ivy 

Smoke Trio – Pewter, Willow, Starry Night.

Three beautiful pressed mineral eye shadow shade, in five variations. Packaged together in a mirrored compact with a duo application brush. Contains 3 round pans of 2.3 grams/.08 oz.

Features & Benefits:

  • Recommended for sensitive eyes
  • Highly pigmented and long wearing
  • Made from natural minerals; oil free, talc free, paraben free and non-comedogenic.
  • Includes Green Tea, Apple, Horseradish, Lavender, Sandalwood, Geranium, Rosemary, Sage.
  • Lighter texture allows skin to breathe                                Made in USA $30.00 each trio


 Red Sparkle – light red with shimmer

 Rich Red – opaque red, no shimmer or frost

 Wild Child Berry - plum, no shimmer or frost.

 Golden Pink – natural pink with gold shimmer.

 Naked Peach - peachy beige, no frost.

 Nature Child - Nude base with warm and cool undertones

Our long lasting Lip Polish will give your lips a sultry look with brilliant shine. Rich in pigment, with a delicious sweet orange taste, your lips will look more vibrant and luscious

Features & Benefits:

  • Paraben free
  • Rich Long Lasting Color

* Contains Vitamin E and Beeswax, Mango butter, Olive butter, Avocado butter, Grape seed oil, Rosehip oil, Sesame oil. etc.                         Made in USA - Available in 6 shades. $12.00 each

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                                        INGREDIENT WARNING    

There is an ingredient found in many products, including cosmetics, that is extremely toxic to the skin and nervous system, including the brain. It has been banned in other countries, and has been used in chemical warfare, but is still found in cosmetic products in the USA.

It is called Methylisothiazolinone. You may use it for years with no visible problem, but then, all of a sudden, you break out in hives, eczema on your upper and lower eyelids, and an itchy sensation. This is one of the many reasons we choose to produce organic products without these types of harmful additives. There are many more chemicals that are freely used in conventional cosmetics that are harmful to you and your family. PEG's, for example, by themselves aren't bad, but their very nature is to increase absorption, which may allow other toxic chemicals, that are in the product, to insidiously enter the bloodstream.

Be careful to always read labels, before purchasing any product. There could be poison behind it, rather than the honesty and integrity that we at BTS organics represent.